S.N.E.H.A. Special Awards

We are taking nominations for our special awards that we announce at the Year End Banquet. Send your nominations here.

The Skip Van Patten Good Sportsmanship Award:
This award is given in memory of a gentleman who was a much loved member of our club. Both riders and non-riders are eligible for this award. Skip was at every horse show cheering on his wife, her friends and everyone else that went into the ring or on the trail course. Skip had a talent for knowing the right thing to say to an exhibitor who needed cheering up. Skip always had a smile for everyone and was loved and admired by the people who were fortunate enough to have known him. Always quick to offer a heling hand and words of encouragement to whoever needed it. Recipients of this award embody their same qualities that made Skip the wonderful man he was.

The Ed Clark Humanitarian Award:
This award is given each year to a non-rider who makes a significant contribution to our club. Ed was a gentleman, who did not ride, but he was an integral part of our club and the horse world in general. He offered his facilities for our shows and was always on the grounds making sure everything ran smoothly and the exhibitors were happy. At our monthly meetings Ed was quick to volunteer for whatever needed to be done, offered suggestions, and was the voice of reason when stalemates occurred. Ed loved life and loved people. Ed was never happier then when he was in the middle of the fun and activity.