Changes for 2022!

There are a few changes this year:

NEW!!! T. Open 18″ Walk/Trot Crossrails on trial. this class is for walk-trotters who are interested in jumping.

Rule change!!! 33. S.N.E.H.A. Team Classic Pleasure. One of the riders isn’t required to be a walk trotter anymore.

NEW!!! Open Ranch: 45a. Ranch Pleasure, 45b. Ranch Riding, and 45c. Ranch Discipline.
more information on this division will be available at the end of March.

NEW!!!Walk Trot 17& Under: 21. Walk/Trot 17& Under Horsemanship, 24. Walk/Trot 17& Under Pleasure, and 27. Walk/Trot 17& Under Discipline.
This division is open to riders under the age of 17 by January 1st of 2022. Open to english and western riders.

Rule change!!!Beginner Walk/Trot: 35. Beginner Walk/Trot Horsemanship, 38. Beginner Walk/Trot Pleasure, and 41. Beginner Walk/Trot Discipline.
This division is open to walk/Trot riders who are in their first 3 years of showing. open to english and western riders.

*more accurate rules will be posted on these classes/divisions when the rule book is updated in late March.