Nutrena Club Support Program

Thank you for supporting SNEHA through your Club Support Program!

This year SNEHA will be participating in the Nutrena Club Support Program. 
This program allows participating clubs earn money back by submitting proofs of purchase off select Nutrena products!

Lynda Whaley has kindly volunteered to be the SNEHA representative. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have regarding this great program. Lynda will collect all accepted proofs of purchase and forward them to Nutreana. We will set up a box to collect proofs of purchase at meetings and shows, or you may mail yours directly to her at:

Lynda Whaley
304 Shewville Rd, Ledyard, CT 06339

Here is a list of included products with the per proof value:

  • 50¢ per proof:   Empower™
  • 40¢ per proof:   Loyall ™ Pet Food 20 #/50#, River Run® Dog Food
  • 35¢ per proof:   Life Design®, Vitality®, Legacy®, Safe Choice®,
  • LiteBalance®, XTN™, EnergX™
  • 20¢ per proof:  Naturewise™ Farmstore Feeds, Cargill™ Milk Plus,
  • Dairyway™ / Dairy Focus Feeds
  • 10¢ per proof:  Triumph® Horse Feeds, Horse Kwik®, NW Stretch Hay
  • Extender®
  • 10¢ per proof:  All other Nutrena®  Grain Products