Welcome to S.N.E.H.A.

SNEHA and CCBA are having a Collaboration show on September 26th! Please see Announcements for more details!
Due to the cancelled 8/22 show the Board has changed the requirement for qualification for year-end championship awards. Instead of riders needing to participate in a minimum of 3 shows, it has been changed to 2.

2021 Points Summery (8/1 update. posted 8/5)
please note: you have 2 weeks to dispute points after they are posted.

~~~OLD NEWS~~~
Please see Announcements for 2021 banquet news!
New Team rules can be found here!
Please be aware no dogs are allowed on show grounds. thank you.

2021 CCBA Affiliate Point Sheet
2021 S.N.E.H.A. Membership Flier
2021 S.N.E.H.A. Class List
2021 S.N.E.H.A. Show Flyer
2021 S.N.E.H.A. Class Sponsorship Form
2021 S.N.E.H.A. Liability Waiver
2021 S.N.E.H.A. Entry Form