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The booth must have proof of rabies and coggins before unloading your horses at the show. If you are showing from another state a health certificate is also required. Please see here for more information.

A change has been made to the class list for the green horse division. It will now have the walk, Trot, Canter class as the last class for that division.

Show grounds open at 7:00am. No earlier arrivals Please.
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2024 Class List

SNEHA Open W/T Equitation Pattern Classic
SNEHA Open Equitation Pattern Classic
Leadline Trail
Mini Hunter
Ranch Riding
Adult and Junior and Fitting & Showmanship
In Hand Trail and Mini Trail

2024 Points (please have any disputes in by July 15th at sneha.horse@gmail.com)

Show dates and other information

All Shows for 2024 are at:
Glastonbury Hunt Club
177 Bailey st
Glastonbury, CT 06033