2024 Show Information

Show DateJudgeTheme Stewards
May 5Addison TomanelliSecretariatJacki Patenaude, Jenn Crossman
June 23Michelle HuntingMisty of ChincoteagueMegan Perrin, Karen Chamberland
July 21Corrine ProulxMr. EdKate Rand, Teri Smith, Catherine Galbraith
August 11Gina LindellBlack BeautyJim & Lori Saltojanes, Melissa Kohler
September 22Heidi SmithSnowmanDeb & Sarah Gada
October 6Karol BennettHeadless HorsemanAlyssa Kinsey, Jamie Boyer, Sabrina Winthers

2024 Show Dates

Hello Everyone! Here are our dates for the 2024 season! All shows will be held at the Glastonbury Hunt Club.

Show Dates:
May 5th
June 23rd
July 21st
August 11th
September 22nd
October 6th

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Please be sure to get your entries in!

New Divisions and Classes for 2023

walk trot 17 & under was split into walk trot 11 & under and walk trot 12-17.

Open walk trot is open to walk/trot and walk/trot/canter riders but the horse cannot enter any cantering classes or divisions. This class is also not eligible for day end high point.

Open fitting and showmanship was divided into adult fitting and showmanship and junior fitting and showmanship.

Open Hunter division has changed and there are no longer 18″ crossrails. all the jumps will be 2′ fences.

Adult western is no longer offered but western riders can still enter Open Western or Open Ranch divisions.

Class list

S.N.E.H.A. Youth Team

For all SNEHA Members under the age of 18!  If you’d like to be a part of the Youth Team for the 2022 year, please complete the form on the SNEHA website ($15 membership fee).  You must be a current 2022 SNEHA member to join the Youth Team. 

Your membership includes a team t-shirt and participation in team events.  Events include, but not limited to:  Fundraising events for the club, youth member snack and social station at horse shows, and team meetings. 

We look forward to bringing the younger members into the responsibility and fun of running the club while giving them the opportunity to socialize with other youth members who share the same love for everything related to horses!  Message Kate Rand on Facebook with any questions.

Youth Team Membership Form PDF
Online Youth Team Membership Form

Changes for 2022!

There are a few changes this year:

NEW!!! T. Open 18″ Walk/Trot Crossrails on trial. this class is for walk-trotters who are interested in jumping.

Rule change!!! 33. S.N.E.H.A. Team Classic Pleasure. One of the riders isn’t required to be a walk trotter anymore.

NEW!!! Open Ranch: 45a. Ranch Pleasure, 45b. Ranch Riding, and 45c. Ranch Discipline.
more information on this division will be available at the end of March.

NEW!!!Walk Trot 17& Under: 21. Walk/Trot 17& Under Horsemanship, 24. Walk/Trot 17& Under Pleasure, and 27. Walk/Trot 17& Under Discipline.
This division is open to riders under the age of 17 by January 1st of 2022. Open to english and western riders.

Rule change!!!Beginner Walk/Trot: 35. Beginner Walk/Trot Horsemanship, 38. Beginner Walk/Trot Pleasure, and 41. Beginner Walk/Trot Discipline.
This division is open to walk/Trot riders who are in their first 3 years of showing. open to english and western riders.

*more accurate rules will be posted on these classes/divisions when the rule book is updated in late March.

S.N.E.H.A. Special Awards

We are taking nominations for our special awards that we announce at the Year End Banquet. Send your nominations here.

The Skip Van Patten Good Sportsmanship Award:
This award is given in memory of a gentleman who was a much loved member of our club. Both riders and non-riders are eligible for this award. Skip was at every horse show cheering on his wife, her friends and everyone else that went into the ring or on the trail course. Skip had a talent for knowing the right thing to say to an exhibitor who needed cheering up. Skip always had a smile for everyone and was loved and admired by the people who were fortunate enough to have known him. Always quick to offer a heling hand and words of encouragement to whoever needed it. Recipients of this award embody their same qualities that made Skip the wonderful man he was.

The Ed Clark Humanitarian Award:
This award is given each year to a non-rider who makes a significant contribution to our club. Ed was a gentleman, who did not ride, but he was an integral part of our club and the horse world in general. He offered his facilities for our shows and was always on the grounds making sure everything ran smoothly and the exhibitors were happy. At our monthly meetings Ed was quick to volunteer for whatever needed to be done, offered suggestions, and was the voice of reason when stalemates occurred. Ed loved life and loved people. Ed was never happier then when he was in the middle of the fun and activity.

CCBA Collaboration

SNEHA is in collaboration with the Connecticut Color Breed Association for their September 26th show at the Glastonbury Hunt Club.

SNEHA Members can earn points for year-end with SNEHA at CCBAs show on September 26th. They will have a separate entry form provided for SNEHA members, based on their class list, then ask members what classes and divisions shown with SNEHA exhibitors would like to carry over their points from the September 26th show.

Due to not all classes matching up in qualifications some divisions and classes cannot gain points for this collaboration. This includes: Miniature Division, New Team Division, Open Hunter Division, Hunt Seat Division, Registered Quarter Horse Halter, SNEHA Open Pleasure, SNEHA Open Walk/Trot Pleasure, SNEHA Team Classic Pleasure, and Mystery Class.

The CCBA has classes open to non-colorbreed horses so everyone is welcome to show.

you can send any questions about the CCBA Collaboration threw this website’s contact us page or check our Facebook.

Here is their class list!

SNEHA Affiliate Point Sheet (For SNEHA members who show at CCBA September 26th show)

CCBA Affiliate Point Sheet (for CCBA members who show at SNEHA’s October 3rd show)

~~~Please visit~~~
CCBA Website
CCBA Facebook

New Team rules!

New Team     

1. Age-open to all riders-same horse/rider combination in their 1st or 2nd year of showing.     
2. New Team Eq walk/jog/trot: riders are judged at the walk/jog/trot both directions of the ring.  The judges call for any individual pattern tests.   
3. New Team Pleasure walk/jog/trot: class to be judged at the walk/jog/trot both directions of the ring. May be asked to back.   
 4. New Team Pleasure walk/jog/trot/canter/lope: class to be judged at the walk/jog/trot/canter/lope both directions of the ring. May be asked to back.

S.N.E.H.A. 2021 Banquet

The banquet will be on January 15th at:

Lake of Isles
1 Clubhouse Dr.
North Stonington, Ct. 06359

This Year the Banquet will be Red Carpet themed.

Banquet Advertisement Form due December 20th.
Banquet Ticket due December 27th.

Please fill out this Year end Information Sheet and send it to Jacki at it is due November 7th.

We are also looking for Nominations for the S.N.E.H.A. Special Awards: Skip Van Patten Good Sportsmanship Award and the Ed Clark Humanitarian Award. Please see Here for more details.

More details to follow. Please check here for more updates!